NEW: The latest Mutli-Agency Partnership Update Report is now available! You can download it from the Reports & Downloads section of the website. 

Following  the severe flooding which was experienced by residents across Canvey Island last year we have together established a Multi-Agency  Flood Response Group. This group has been formed with the sole purpose of keeping residents informed and updated on the work being delivered by each respective agency across Canvey Island to reduce the risk of future flooding. 

Below you will find further information from each partner agency, summarising the actions which have been taken to date:

Anglian Water

Following the floods of August 2013 and July 2014, properties which suffered from internal flooding have been attended as a priority with jetting and CCTV surveys undertaken. Remedial repairs have been completed where necessary. Flow monitors have been installed in various locations across the Island as part of an urban drainage survey.  We are working in partnership with Essex County Council to coordinate, where possible, our weekly whereabouts. So far we have spent over £750,000 cleaning and surveying over 13,000 meters of our drainage network and completing over 220 repairs. We continue to work in partnership with Essex County Council, Castle Point Council, the Environment Agency, Essex Highways and the Lead Flood Authority to establish better knowledge of local assets and to promote greater collaboration between all parties.

Essex Highways

Essex County Council has allocated £75,000 from a £1m emergency fund to help four Canvey Island flooding hotspots: Canvey seafront, Lotten Road, North Avenue and the town centre. Essex Highways is spending a further £100,000 on the seafront to replace 50-60 gullies. During the July/August gully cleanse, we found that around 700 of almost 6,000 gullies needed investigation. The County Council has therefore committed £470,000 for this work and we have based two dedicated jetting units and two works gangs on Canvey to keep drains clear. Gullies will be cleaned more regularly so rainwater can flow freely into drains, helping minimise flood risk. As part of the £17.5m 700 roads programme, we have identified 54 roads for repair. This programme aims to fix road defects, such as potholes, on Essex’s worst local urban roads.

The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency carry out annual flood risk management maintenance work on Canvey Island. We are well into our current year’s work, investing approximately £300,000. In addition we are investigating ways to increase the resilience of our 13 pumping stations strategically positioned around Canvey Island, which we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and regularly monitor weed and debris screens. Work has already begun on ventilation for these pumping stations and we are increasing the number of permanent backup generators from one to four. This year we also have planned £15,000 of further seawall repairs and the Thames Estuary Phase one programme will invest £300m in the Thames Estuary flood defences in future years.

Castle Point Council

Castle Point Council has introduced a council tax discount scheme providing financial relief to Council Tax payers affected by flooding on July 20th. Application forms are available at Immediately after the flood, Council officers undertook welfare visits to affected residents and the Council redeployed contractors to assist with the clean-up. The Council has been instrumental in arranging multi-agency meetings and contributing to the consequential Section 19 Flood Investigation Report. Recommendations from the report are currently being implemented; in particular improving community advice and assistance. Castle Point Council’s Scrutiny Committee is also undertaking a multi-agency review of flooding across the Borough and will report back in due course.

Essex County Council

Essex County Council (ECC) published a Section 19 Flood Investigation Report on the event on July 20th. In this report, 13 recommendations were made, including the creation of a Task and Finish Group, led by ECC. The group continues to monitor partnership work on Canvey Island. We are working collaboratively with our partners on an Integrated Urban Drainage Study and regularly meeting with partner authorities to enable rapid progress. This will aid information sharing about issues found within private drainage systems, enabling us to investigate local issues and find resolutions with relevant landowners.